“A personal guided tour through the Rijksmuseum” amsterdamian.com

p1140060r“We were invited recently to a special “art treat” — a personal guided tour of the Rijksmuseum! This sounded so appealing that we went there on a Sunday afternoon, even though the summer-like weather that day was very inviting for outdoor activities (those living in the Netherlands should understand how difficult it was to make such a decision!). As you may know, the freshly renovated Rijksmuseum (meaning State Museum) is one of Amsterdam’s largest and home to the nation’s most famous masterpieces, featuring the paintings of Rembrandt, Vermeer, Van Dijk but also many other pieces of art and culturally significant heritage of the Dutch nation. It is a museum that shouldn’t be missed when visiting Amsterdam, one that the Dutch visit when they want to reconnect with the country’s history through the art that was created by their predecessors” Read the full story.

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